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Aug 30, 2018

Help is Coming Soon

Here is the place I grew up. The beautiful province of Ontario, Canada is one of ten provinces and three territories that make up the country and of course, Ontario is the best one! ???? Of the 2 million beautiful lakes in Canada, 250,000 are in Ontario, along with moose, elk, timber wolves, bears, caribou and more, especially farther north. All of this land and wild life is vulnerable to fires and there are hundreds of teams of volunteer firefighters all over Ontario ready to jump in during an emergency. Whether it be a fire or a highway crash, water or ice rescues, or any medical emergency, volunteer firefighters are on it. I respect their commitment to their communities and the risks they are willing to take.

My offer of providing equipment to these brave firefighters is underway and applications are coming in (a lot more than I expected) and being reviewed by a team of professionals in Canada and myself here in the U.S.. Requests have come in from as far south as Windsor (close to my hometown  of London), east almost to Ottawa, our capital, west to the border of Manitoba, and as far north and remote as Red Lake, Ear Falls, and Moonbeam.

Their needs cover a broad range of equipment from rescue craft to safety boots to new flashlights — it’s clear that help is needed. That’s why I’m here and I plan to continue this grant program as long as the needs are there. More details are coming soon.

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5 Comments on "Help is Coming Soon"

  1. Elaine Ellsworth

    Warms my heart to read about your grants to firefighters in Canada. Grateful for your efforts and generosity. May God continue to bless you as you bless others. Just happened to come across your cookie recipe which led me to your philanthropy.

  2. Stuart P.

    Bless you for doing this..

  3. John Patrick

    Hey now, we here in BC actually need it more than Ontario does, they’ve had rain, we haven’t. Ontario is great, I know, use to live there too but BC is my home, and we desperately need rain and give a very big shout out to all the firefighters and first responders that have done all they could and more to help save our communities. As always, the provincial and federal government (Yes, i lower cased their ass for a reason) SUCK, just like always.

  4. Patty

    Thank you for being so generous. I am also born and raised in Ontario but after all the fires our western provinces have had this summer John Patrick might be right in saying the firefighters there need it more than we do.
    Byw, I enjoyed your preying mantis story but can’t find the ending….

  5. Chris

    Thank you for giving back to your home province , and mine. ❤️

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