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Oct 9, 2018

$50,000 to Ontario Volunteer Firefighters

I am very excited to finally reveal the six winners of my first Jenny’s Heroes ????????CANADA grants. It was supposed to be one grant of $25,000 but we got so many more applications than expected, that I doubled the amount to $50,000 this time. The extra $25,000 allowed us to spread the aid to several smaller fire departments as well. The applications were carefully reviewed by a qualified panel in Canada and by me as well. To see all the winners and send them your congratulations and messages of support, click here.

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5 Comments on "$50,000 to Ontario Volunteer Firefighters"

  1. Debra Hitz

    Congrats to the entire Nolalu Volunteer Fire Team! And a heartfelt thanks to Jenny Jones for her support of rural fire teams. I would like to acknowledge the hard work of the Chief Sarah Shoemaker. Sarah embodies the Volunteer Spirit that keeps fire teams going…way to go Team!
    Debra Joy Hitz

  2. Chief Holmes

    Congratulations to all the winners from the Ingersoll Fire & Emergency Services !!!! And a huge thank you to Jenny for supporting the Ontario Fire Service. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated .

  3. Barry McBlain

    Congratulations to the six departments that were chosen – all will appreciate the funds to help serve their communities better. Our Station also appreciates being given the opportunity to apply and your financial support to the volunteer firefighters of Ontario. Thank-you for your generosity! D.C. Barry McBlain, Station #6 County of Brant

  4. Robert Hansen

    All Volunteer departments are appreciative. Regards to Jenny from the Fire Fighters of the Southwest Middlesex Fire Department. Our hats are off to you and Michelle for this initiative!
    Chief Hansen

  5. MrsNews

    You are amazing!!
    Thank you for sharing GOOD NEWS for a change!!

    May your heart always be blessed
    Stay healthy my friend the world needs more people like you!!


    I miss you on Facebook

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