O’Connor Township Vol FD – Kakabeka Falls, ON

Jul 13, 2020

O'Connor ON

(July 11, 2020) If a medical emergency happens in Kakabeka Falls or the surrounding area, it can take an ambulance up to 45 minutes to transport the victim to the nearest medical facility, which is in Thunder Bay. Medical first response team members that live in the community can to respond sooner and administer first aid while the ambulance is on route. Fire Chief Henry Mattas requested $12,225 for new radio equipment for his  fire and first response members who have older models or no radios at all.

I called Chief Mattas and when I gave him the good news, he said, “That makes me so happy!” Well it made me happy too, to show my appreciation those who volunteer to help their neighbors. He told me there was an auxiliary meeting planned tomorrow night and he will share the news with everyone then. I asked him to thank them all for me too.

(Sept. 21, 2020) Here is a photo of the new radios and a lovely thank you note from Chief Mattas…

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