Niobe Lake Fire Department, Atikokan, ON

Nov 8, 2019

Jenny's Heroes Niobe Lake

Niobe Lake Fire Chief, Ronald Eady, said the reason for his request if to better serve the community by improving the first responders’ response time in an emergency. He requested $23,900 to purchase a used 4×4 3/4 ton truck complete with an equipment cab.

Niobe Lake Fire Department Truck

Having this truck means the firefighters will not have to use their personal vehicles to respond to an emergency, which creates liability and contamination issues from firefighter gear, which may create possible exposure to cancer causing agents. This past summer, they had a multi-vehicle collision with one victim ejected and one trapped. They had to load their extrication equipment into the firefighter’s personal vehicle and lost valuable time.

I called Chief Eady to tell him his grant was selected. He said he didn’t expect to win so this was great news.  They are having their yearly meeting tomorrow – the perfect time to share the good news with everyone on the team!

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  1. Annie

    You’re so generous Jenny. what a wonderful way to give back.

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